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  • [Forum] Registration and Subscription in one go


    I am wondering if there is a way to do the following:

    1. Visitor registers in the forum
    2. Visitor gets email to verify email address
    3. Visitor clicks email link, verifies address
    4. Verification screen changes to subscription page
    5. Member subscribes and has full access to the site.

    I know that 1-3 are already there - I am just looking for the link of subscription and registration. Would that be a matter of redirecting?

    Final question: is there a way to create a different subscription page?

    Thank you

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    Again apologies for the shameless bump but does anyone know how to do this?


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      Dimopoulos did you ever figure out how to do this. It is what I am looking for. Thank you.


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        This is not possible in vBulletin 4. You may be able to find an addon at to add this functionality though.

        It is a feature of vBulletin to show available subscriptions during registration though.
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