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    New Member
    • Jan 2010
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    • 4.0.0

    [Forum] Forum Index help

    Hello, I recently upgraded to vB4.0.2.
    The upgrade went through fine, with one catch, I cannot access my Forum Index page.
    The CMS page works fine, the blogs as well. I can get to user profiles and posts of users but I cannot figure out how to get to the index.
    I'm hoping it's some simple mistake I made considering I'm not very web savvy.

    Can anyone help me with this?
  • ENF
    Senior Member
    • Apr 2002
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    • 3.8.11

    How about if you go to forum.php? (or however your site is configured, try going to the forum.php directly and see what happens.)

    The three files involved here are:

    index.php [acts as a traffic director, sends you to content.php [CMS] or forum.php [forum], depending on the setting inside the index.php file.)
    content.php [Your CMS Home Page]
    forum.php [Your Forum Home Page]
    To be updated...


    • FxGUNNER
      New Member
      • Jan 2010
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      • 4.0.0

      I tried that just now and it brings me to a Not Found Page.
      I tried doing :
      and the same thing happened.

      When I go to .com/forums/index.php it takes me to my CMS page.


      • Lynne
        Former vBulletin Support
        • Oct 2004
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        Try going to .com/forums/forum.php (your forum home page). Can you get there? Do you want your index.php page to take you to your forums or to your CMS?

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        • FxGUNNER
          New Member
          • Jan 2010
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          • 4.0.0

          I figured out the issue was that the URL's only work if I do not include the www. at the beginning of the URL.
          The problem now is some of my plugins do not work properly with the skewed URL's.

          How do I fix that? Also how do I make the Forums my Index?


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