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Changing background does not work

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  • [Forum] Changing background does not work

    Hello there,

    I have installed a fresh installation of Vbulletin 4.0.2. on my website. I have disabled the CMS and only use the forums. I want to change my background but I am experiencing trouble with that. I want to use an image as background and a color that matches the image.

    For changing it I went to the stylevars > doc_background. Also known as : Background for Entire HTML Document. There I changed the color. This was succesfull. It updated like it should. When I add the link to the image, it fails in updating. Than I get the standard grey color. This was also in 4.0.1.

    So how can I make my image show up in the background? What am I doing wrong or is it a known bug?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Are you using the correct css syntax for the background? url('images/whatever/background.jpg')

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      Thanks Lynne. I found the error. I used a background image from the main site. Now I uploaded the image into the image folder from Vbulletin. That did it. Problem is solved. Thanks a lot for your help around here.


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