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*BUG* Applying different Styles to Different Forums

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  • [Forum] *BUG* Applying different Styles to Different Forums

    vbSuite 4.0.2 pl1 is supposed to allow different styles to be applied to each forum. I have 2 different styles, 1 to be applied to the CMS, Blog and Almost All of my forums except the weight Loss forum/fitness section.

    I have the Main design set as the Default design- with users NOT able to choose (as I don't want them to!).

    AdminCP > Options>Style&Language Setting > B101 Style as Default
    > Users Change Style - NO

    Next- I want the Fitness style to show in the Main Forum- with the B101 Default style to show everywhere else.
    So I went to

    USERCP> Forum Manager > Main Category > Main Forum > Edit > Custom Forum Style > Fitness > Override- YES > Saved

    However, after doing so- it Merges the styles together rather than showing 2 different styles in the forum.

    To be clear:
    1. If the Fitness Style is Set as the Default Style for the entire site- it shows correctly. Yes the image paths/directories are set properly or it would NOT work as a default style.
    2. If the B101 Main style is set as the Default style for the entire site- it too, shows correctly.
    3. If either style is applied as the main style and a second style is applied as a "Forum" default- the 2 styles are merged together.
    4. This was tested on a Clean Install with NO Mods. This was also tested using the Default vb style & the B101 Main Style as a "forum" choice with the Same error.

    Here is a link to screenshots of examples including what the designs are supposed to look like and how they appear when set as default as well as step by step:

    I submitted a Support ticket & was told that this isn't an issue, the style looks fine. I also placed a poll on my site, to which over 100 members have reported that they don't see the correct style, they see the "Merged" styles.

    I tested this & received the merging errors in the following Browser Versions:

    Netscape 8.13
    Opera v 9.52
    IE ver 7.0.5
    FF ver 3.6

    Screenshots for those are available:

    Live link to improperly merged styles here:

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    Can you post this in the bug tracker please - this will allow the devs to take a look at this quicker than it being posted in the forum
    Vote for:

    - *Admin Settable Paid Subscription Reminder Timeframe*
    *PM - Add ability to reply to originator only*
    - Add Admin ability to auto-subscribe users to specific channel(s)
    - "Quick Route" Interface...


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