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Help -- Everything on my CMS Home page is showing up BOLD

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  • [CMS] Help -- Everything on my CMS Home page is showing up BOLD

    Not sure what happened but everything on my CMS homepage is showing up in bold style. Article text, Article headline, section links. The only thing that is rendering correctly is the last article I posted. Everything else is bold.

    To make things worse, navigation by the section widgets does not work. You click on the link and it just takes you the page /discussion/#. (my forum is below my sites root, under the path "discussion").

    I am also seeing that 1 more person is showing up in the forum version of "whose online (for example, 2 members and 2 guests), but when i click on who's online it only shows 2 members, 1 guest. the last guest is not seen in the IP list.

    any ideas?

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    I am also having problems with "security token is not valid or is missing" with some users. I checked the "Suspect File Contents" test in Diagnostics, and found two files that did not match intended contents:

    blank.html File does not contain expected contents
    html.php File does not contain expected contents

    What could this mean?


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      Ok now it is showing ok in Safari (well kind of, the section text, all of them, are still bold), but everything else is ok. When I switch to Firefox though, everything is bold.

      Could it be a browser issue then?

      And is it ok if blank.html and html.php does not contain expected contents? Everytime I hear html, I know that is one way to hack the site so I raise shields/go on red alert when I see that lol..


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        Have you modified any templates in the site? This sounds a lot like it would be a missing closing tag for a bold area. Things like that can render differently in different browsers, so it would also explain the differences between Safari and FF. Might be worth a look through the pages source code (seem from a browser, not the templates) to see if there's anything that stands out. Remember, the missing tag could also be a <div> or any other tag that's been styled to bold, not just a normal <b> or <strong> tag.


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