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XML sitemap - need fix please upgrade from 4.01 to 4.02

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  • [Forum] XML sitemap - need fix please upgrade from 4.01 to 4.02

    what do I do here? In the simplest of terms please
    What would be the full path? How do I make this writeable? Does one action fix both?

    XML sitemap data must be written to the filesystem to function. Enter the full path to the directory the files should be written to. Do not include a trailing slash.

    This directory must be writable by the webserver.
    The directory the sitemap files are to be written into is not writeable. Please change the permissions on the path to be writeable by the web server or enter a different path in the sitemap options.

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    please do answer this query, i too have the same problem,


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      Create a directory e.g. using your FTP programme. To make it writeable you set the permissions to 777 (I'm using a mac and the keyboard shortcut is CMD-I, so probably something like CTRL-I on PC

      The full path presumably means that if the directory is up a level from your forum, then the path would be ../sitemapdirectory. Or maybe use an absolute URL,


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