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Any date on 4.0.3 and a functional forum software? How can I ....

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  • [Forum] Any date on 4.0.3 and a functional forum software? How can I ....

    Another dissapointment in 4.0.2.


    * wasn't it said there should be centralized attachment system? Images once could be used later in threads or blogs? Can't see any? Is there one?

    * How can I put in PHP-content into CMS pages? In IPB forums I can should for every page if I want to insert HTML, content or raw PHP. How can I do that in vB4?

    * how I can change reas access on CMS pages? Yes there is a list but I can't select the groups?


    * In WYSIWG all images can't be resized (IE8), sometimes they can be resized in one direction (FF), after editing the post sometimes they show up as links, sometimes as images. The links don't work. No ones knows.

    * Special characters (å,ä,ö instead of a,a,o) in SEF links.

    * CMS stil stripping ä ö å characters totally in SEF links.

    * many more bugs ....

    A completely mess and useless in production sites. What the f***. How long can we wait? This is the works forum software out there at the moment and this is paid software! The whole management should be ashamed to sell this and releasing it in that condition. Totally usuless.

    WHY, why, why ....

    * Why when submitting posts, the form is like 500px wide? Why not the 100%. Seems like old vB. Inconveniently narrow.

    * Why stil not forum, blog and content in seperate virtual directories?
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