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Can I nix the "Home" button?

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  • [Forum] Can I nix the "Home" button?

    Can I nix the "Home" button on the banner beneath the logo?

    If not, can I point it to my home page instead of vB4's home?

    I see this forum also has a button labeled "Projects," are these buttons something that can be added/taken away?

    I used vB 3.8 for the forum. I upgraded to 4 primarily for promised improved spambot control. My users aren't enchanted with the new structure (home, plus forum/blogs/what's new). Many bookmarked the forum URL when I was running 3.8, and now their bookmark brings them to the vB4 home rather than the forum index. Many of my community members are older, and not computer savy. When their bookmark no longer brings them to the forum index they expect, they get turned off.

    I need to recreate the familiar experience they are expecting to encounter, before I lose more users. They are moving to competitor communities where things haven't changed. Please advise?
    Peter Caparelli

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    I think you can edit your index.php file to 'direct' your users to whichever page you want them to hit first. The instructions are within the file. You could also create a redirect rule in your .htaccess file that moves them to /forum.php.


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      [HOW TO - vB4] Remove the vB Default Navtabs

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