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Can not restore default style

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  • [Forum] Can not restore default style

    This was just posted the other day and I can not find the thread. I searched for default style and some other stuff and nothing.

    I believe my site is haunted as none of what I do makes much sense these days.
    I set a style as the default then go into the CMS and set it to match and something different shows up.
    Right now I have it set for a specific style which should be showing white background and blue headers but guess what, it shows another style altogether. None of them are parents or childs and I did not merge them on purpose that is.

    When I check the site default to something else it doesn't effect the site at all. If I change it in the CMS, sometimes it changes sometimes it doesn't. This is across multiple browsers and using an admin and normal user account. It has been hell trying to make updates to the style I want as when I change a stylevars in that skin, nothing seems to happen but it changes it in another skin. Haunted??

    That said, I figured I would go ahead and get the default style back. I did the import and I have default vbulletin style. Guess what? That looks just like the other skins. Seems this dark thing has taken over my site. LOL!!

    I saw in a post to upload tools.php and run it. I did that and it told me ACCESS DENIED.

    I ran the tools from the admincp folder which it tells you to do. It then pops up with the import default like it should. I click it and it seems like it is running that is when I get the Access Denied.

    One other thing to note, when it does actually show a different style it shows a messed layout. I checked the layout it is using and it is the same one it should be using that is correctly aligned in the other style.

    Is this a bug or is there something I can do to fix this stuff?

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    Create a new style with no parent. That will be a clean default vb style.
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      actually, I did that and no, it isn't a clean default style. That is why I am posting here to get an alternative answer.

      The tools.php thing did not work either and as I recall, this was the same issue someone else had two days ago. I do not know if that was resolved or still open though.
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