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How Do You: Make Forum Private, but keep Home/News/Blog Public?

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  • [CMS] How Do You: Make Forum Private, but keep Home/News/Blog Public?

    Like the title states ...

    Would like to make the forum private for members only .... But allow public users and guests to see the rest of CMS

    Is there a way of doing this?


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    What are these called?:

    I would like to change: What New? --> To "Store" and link it to my business site.


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        set usergroup permissions to make forum private, then in cms set permissions to allow guests to view


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          great ... thanks Ferrari!

          Next question:
          First ... What are these called?

          Second ... Can I Delete the CMS Home Tab? Really Have no need for it at this time.

          Third ... I would like to Change the "What's New?" tab and make it say "Store" with a link to my business site.



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            They are the navbar tabs. You can disable the home one by disabling the CMS product in admincp, plugin and products, product manager

            I imagine it is possible to change whats new but I don't know how sorry, there is some mods at to add navbar tabs which would probably work better, could hide the whats new and Home with the mod and make a new one called Store and link to your site. Here is one -


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              What's New is a phrase. Go into admincp phrases and search for "What's New", and you can edit the displayed text to be whatever you want.
              Please- I'm not tech support. Don't send your problem reports to me unless I've asked you to.


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                im having this same exact problem.. Like the only way for me to make the CMS public is to make the forum public but threads private. And the settings mentioned above dont work for me. If go to usergroup settings for unregistered/not logged in and put can view forum to "no" then the public cant see anything CMS or forum. But if i change it to "yes" then they see the CMS and Forum but not threads. Ideally i want it to where they can see the forum at all. I dont want the public to see the thread topics


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