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Does this bread any of vB's software rules.

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  • [Forum] Does this bread any of vB's software rules.

    The title should say "Does this break" ouch that was bad.

    I doubt that it does but I thought I would check anyway.

    Here is what is going on.

    I currently have a SMF 1.1.4 forum active. I am working towards moving it to vBulletin.

    What I want to do is have this for now.

    SMF vbtest vbtest2

    The reason I want vbtest2 is because as we progress I don't want to possibly mess up what we have done of vbtest. When vbtest is to my liking I want to move vbtest to the live forum. vbtest2 will get promoted to vbtest.

    I will at no time have more than two copies on the server. Two test sites become one live site and one test site.

    I plan on using the test site quite a bit after we go live with vb.

    vB has so many more features than my smf 1.1.4 site that I plan on going live with almost all the features have that smf 1.1.4 turned off. I want to check out the features one at a time and decide if I want those on the live forum or not and what setting I want.

    Can I do this? Have two test forums followed by one live and one test?
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