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How do I create a repeating calendar event in 4.02

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  • [Forum] How do I create a repeating calendar event in 4.02

    I have tried every combination of dates and settings in the calendar to try and create a repeating event but it will not create one. Is there a bug or am I just missing something? P


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    I'd like to know as well. I keep getting "Incorrect time chosen. Make sure that a valid from time and to time is set. Make sure to either choose a pre-defined time or set your own."


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      I don't believe it - I am glad I spotted this thread, I was planning to upgrade my live 'what's on' site in the next few days and this would just totally destroy the site.

      If you select 'recurring event' it seems to be acting as a 'ranged event' listing, despite selecting that the event only occurs on one day during each week it gets displayed in the calendar as occurring every day.

      Is everyone getting this problem?
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      testing 1..2..3


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        I have come to the conclusion that Vbulletin is not fit for the purpose sold under the UCC. I am considering telling my credit card company to reverse the charges. Vbulletin appears to have no support unless you pay for it even when their product appears to be full of bugs. This is a violation of the UCC. A product must function as represented. Can you say "Fraud". I have tried to get help on several issues but it seems to be impossible to do. if anyone knows the secret to getting Vbulletin to act responsible please let me know. No other company selling a product would be allowed to get away with this. 24 hours after purchasing their 4.02 they released another update fixing 250 bugs. Wow, that is just a horrible way of doing business. If anyone connected with the sales of this product is reading this I hope they will have the professional decency to reply. I understand that from time to time small things are discovered after the release but 250 bugs? That's like selling a car before the engine is installed! I used to love this product and would have even paid more for it but now... I don't know if it makes sense to stay with it or just look for another product that is stable and offers reasonable support. I hope the developers will decide to act responsible and provide the support for their customers at least until they have a properly functioning program.


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          Hi Yehoshua,

          I know how you feel, like so many, but have you tried raising a support ticket here: - it's a bit slow, because there are so many issues, but I've had my requests answered within 24 hours.

          It seems a daft system to me, as dealing with questions raised in the forums would leave behind a searchable answer for anyone in the future having the same problem and therefore cut down on frustrations and the number of support tickets being raised.

          My problem with recurring events, for anyone having the same problem, was partly down to me in not noticing that in vb4, unlike vb3, when you select 'weekly' as the recurrence pattern it is doesn't auto-select the 'every 1 week(s)' option. In addition instead of warning you that you have to select that option yourself and despite the fact that you tick just one day during the week, when you save the event it adds it as a daily event!

          I am reporting it as a bug, but I can work around it until its fixed just hope my users can!

          testing 1..2..3


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            Same issue, explained in this thread. In the default installation of VB4--someone please, please, prove to me this is not so--it is virtually impossible to enter a ranged event. This is a huge disappointment as I have a very active calendar function. I'd like to hear from anyone that has been able to get this to work. You might want to research this other thread, possibly subscribe to it in case there's a fix.


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              I still get this in 4.07, was there an answer to this issue?


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                I've just added one OK.

                Can you add a screenshot of what you've entered into the Add New Event screen please.
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