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Problems with UTF-8 conversion

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  • [Forum] Problems with UTF-8 conversion

    I have problems with my vBulletin forum since I upgraded to vBulletin 4.0.2 from 3.8.x.

    The language settings are correct and uses UTF-8 but the rest of the forums, the threads and forum names and descriptions and so on are showing ? instead of swedish characters.

    The database and all tables are converted to UTF-8.
    I think the problem is that character_set_database is UTF-8 and character_set_connection is latin1. I tried to follow this guide but it fails.
    As soon as I change the value of $config['Mysqli']['charset'] to 'utf8'; or sets $config['Mysqli']['ini_file'] to point out the ini file I get the following warnings and gets logged out:

    Warning: array_keys() [function.array-keys]: The first argument should be an array in [path]/includes/functions.php on line 5194

    Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in [path]/includes/functions.php on line 5194

    Any ideas what to do?

    Im using Mysql version: 5.0.67 and PHP Version 5.2.6.

    My settings in config.php
    $config['Database']['dbtype'] = 'mysqli';
    $config['Mysqli']['charset'] = 'utf8';
    $config['Mysqli']['ini_file'] = '/home/g/gtiklubb/www/forumx/mysqli.ini';

    character_set_client latin1
    character_set_connection latin1
    character_set_database utf8
    character_set_filesystem binary
    character_set_results latin1
    character_set_server latin1
    character_set_system utf8
    character_sets_dir /share/mysql/charsets/

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    Do you know vB is not UTF compatible?


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      The problem is you've possibly got alot of mixed encoding here.

      How did you convert the database? Please don't tell me you just changed the tables?


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        I exported the tables and changed them in Notepad++ and reimported them to an fresh UTF-8 database.


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          When i use english as default language everything looks ok, english uses HTML Character Set "ISO-8859-1". Can I use HTML Character Set "ISO-8859-1" for my default language (Swedish) instead if UTF-8? or is it just messing up my db even more?


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