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Paid Subscriptions Not Changing Usergroups

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  • [CMS] Paid Subscriptions Not Changing Usergroups

    I posted this as a ticket, but I'd also like to put this out there in the group, see if I'm the only one having this problem.

    I have begun accepting paid subscriptions to my site, but there is an apparent bug. People are able to register, then subscribe via Paypal, and Paypal is showing payments as completed, but the subscriptions are not showing in the vBulletin system. Also, their usergroups are not changing, so they are not getting immediate access to the system. I did the 'Test Communication' in the Payment API Test, and it passed.

    Anyone else have this problem or know of any fixes?

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    You are not alone...

    Yep, lots appear to be having this problem...but I have searched and searched but can't see to find any solutions being posted....HELP!


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      This is a hot topic - many users are experiencing big issues with Paypal IPN's failing.

      Further reading is available here.
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