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    Originally posted by Fishman620 View Post
    I am having this problem with 4.0.8 Patch Level 2

    First I can not even get to that CMS homepage with out typing in the url, there is no pencil on my homepage to get there.

    Second, when I did type it in and got that page and clicked
    pagination it still does not work.
    You have no Home tab?
    Hmmm. Cheese.


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      If I go to my home page logged in as an Admin there is nowhere that an edit pencil comes up where I can edit that screen anymore. The only way I can get to that page is 1) by typing in the url, or 2) going into the control back end and then to the CMS, but this option still is not the same screen as the home screen where the pagination option shows.
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        Sorry, I don't understand what you mean. What is the URL to your forums?
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          I have pagination on my main CMS page but not on the section pages, how do I resolve this? When I edit the section page it click apply it says "I can not save this data without a unique URL."

          Edit: Nevermind, resolved, had to add SEO URL alias.
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