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4.02 upgrade changed Avatars filenames

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  • [Forum] 4.02 upgrade changed Avatars filenames

    Example for one user (all avatars are now 'off' by one number):
    4.02 is looking for /customavatars/avatar373_46
    The avatar listed in /forum/customavatars is avatar373_47

    Worked fine in 4.01. What mechanism caused this renaming of avatars and how can I prevent it from happening when I do a Live upgrade?

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    You may want to put in a support ticket for this one and let the devs take a look at your forum. This is a really odd one and I can't think of how it could happen.

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      I have the same problem. I upgraded from 4.0.0 to 4.0.2 and the custom avatars show fine on profile but anywhere the small version is used it is off by 1 and therefore shows that nasty red x


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        For a fix just clear the CMS cache


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          Still just Red X's. It's trying to find an avatar file that does not exist in /customavatars/.
          Not too concerned as it's just a test site but still an odd thing to happen. I plan to try a full 3.8 to 4.02 test upgrade from scratch again this weekend so we'll see if it does it again. Alcohol may have been a factor...


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