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  • [CMS] Article Logic File

    I am having a programmer make some adjustmnets to simply hide sections for users that are not allowed instead of canning the whole page. Can someone please tell me what php file the article logic is handled in? He will need to edit a core file to do this.

    Anyone have any other ideas to accomplish this. I want to have certain sections no visibile to specific user groups on the CMS homepage.


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    This is part of the core functionality in CMS, and has been since alpha 1. Please don't have a programmer edit the core files for this. Instead, please go to admincp > CMS > CMS Permissions and set the permissions to whatever you want them to be. It's possible you might have to clear the CMS Cache to have the changes show up immediately.
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      Hi Edwin,

      It appears that if a usergroup does not have read permissions for a section on the CMS page then the entire page is blocked when the page is blocked. For instance if I create a section called "New Section" and do not check read for non logged in users then the content.php displays you do not have permissions message rather than simply not displaying the content. I really want to have a section just not visible to certain user groups to control content delivery rather than block access if there is not read permisison for the section. The no permission message to non logged in users does not work well. Is this the way it works or am I missing something?



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        That is the way it works. On the other hand, the user will never see the link to the section if they don't have rights to see it. Unless you click the "public preview" option, which is specifically intended to create the circumstance you describe.

        If you really want to change the way this works, I would go into /packages/vbcms/controller/content.php, method "authorizeAction", and do something to replace the "throw (new vB_Exception_AccessDenied());"
        Please- I'm not tech support. Don't send your problem reports to me unless I've asked you to.


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          Thanks Edwin are there any plans to modify the way this works? It really is quite an advantage to be able to select user groups to show content to. I really am trying to create the abiltiy to show specific promotional information to guests and after someone registers and signs on no longer see the promotional information but load up the content.php with content from the forums, articles. blogs ect...

          Seems like a great way to go. Any chance we will see any updates in 4.0.2 for how the CMS permissions work?

          Thanks the product has tremendous potential!


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