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  • [CMS] Google Gadgets

    Hi people wonder if you can help with this one? I'm trying to embed a google gadget (KML Viewer) in a CMS article. When I embed the viewer in an article, the gadget itself displays correctly, but the KMZ file which contains the over-lays on the basic Google Earth map does not display. If I create a Static HTML widget using exactly the same code, the Viewer displays correctly, with all the over-lay from the KMZ file showing. Perfect! Only I don't want this map /widget displaying on every CMS page that is viewed. So:

    1) Is there some way I can get this to work in an article not a widget?
    2) Is there some way I can make the static html widget only appear when a specific article is viewed, rather than displaying on every CMS page - that would work just as well?

    If you have any ideas they'd be greatly appreciated! Thanks.

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    You should be able to enable HTML for yourself (admincp > CMS > CMS Permissions) and then embed the HTML. I confess I haven't tried it. If you post your HTML code I'll try.
    Please- I'm not tech support. Don't send your problem reports to me unless I've asked you to.


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      Hi Edwin. The issue isn't with regards to whether or not HTML is enabled, as I have enabled this setting, and the CMS is allowing me to embed HTML. The issue is just the KMZ overlay. Attached are two screen grabs. The widget image shows the google earth map, with the KMZ data overlaid (thats the numbering etc). Notice how the map is also correctly "boxed" with the blue border etc. The grab from the CMS article image shows the google earth map, but does not show the KMZ data and the map is not correctly "boxed" with the border. You can ignore the slightly different aspect ratios as I tried a variety of sizes to see if it made any difference, it didn't! If there isn't an obvious answer to the problem, I'd be quite happy to work around the issue, if I could create a single CMS page that displayed the widget as created, but all the other CMS pages ignored / didn't display the widget, if that makes it any easier? This is the code I used

      <script src=";;up_view_m ode=earth&amp;up_earth_2d_fallback=0&amp;up_earth_fly_from_space=1&amp;up_earth_show_nav_c ontrols=1&amp;up_earth_show_buildings=0&amp;up_earth_show_terrain=1&amp;up_earth_show_road s=0&amp;up_earth_show_borders=1&amp;up_earth_sphere=earth&amp;up_maps_zoom_out=0&amp;up_ma ps_default_type=map&amp;synd=open&amp;w=450&amp;h=600&amp;title=Live+Buoy+Data&amp;border=;output=js"></script>



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        I don't see the attachments, and I wasn't able to get your code to display at all. I was able to get my own google map to display by wrapping in a div. Here's what I used:

        <div style="width:500px;height:525px">
        <script src=";up_kml_url=&amp;up_view_mode=maps&amp;up_earth_2d_fallback=0&amp;up _earth_fly_from_space=1&amp;up_earth_show_nav_controls=1&amp;up_earth_show_buildings=1&amp ;up_earth_show_terrain=1&amp;up_earth_show_roads=1&amp;up_earth_show_borders=1&amp;up_eart h_sphere=earth&amp;up_maps_zoom_out=0&amp;up_maps_default_type=map&amp;synd=open&amp;w=500 &amp;h=400&amp;title=Embedded+KML+Viewer&amp;border=%23ffffff%7C3px%2C1px+solid+%23999999& amp;output=js"></script>

        I had to experiment a bit with height & width, but once I had them correct this displayed properly in the middle of a CMS article with text above and below. Or by itself. I suspect that if you take google code that works and wrap in a div with height & width specified you should be fine.
        Please- I'm not tech support. Don't send your problem reports to me unless I've asked you to.


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          Click image for larger version

Name:	CMS-Article.gif
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Name:	HTML-Static-Widget.gif
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ID:	3677983Edwin. ironically I can't get yours to display either. Is this something to do with the google api key or absolutely nothing to do with it at all? Either way I can't get your code to display. I wrapped mine in a div, but it didn't alter the display in the CMS article at all. As I messed up last time, I'll post the images again, but I doubt it will help much! Thanks for looking at this.


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