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  • [Forum] Do you achieve this dream?

    Hello ..
    Is just a suggestion I hope that was to be considered .. The company announced the release of version 3.8.5 soon
    Does the company can provide an opportunity for those who had upgraded to 4.0.0 to return to the version 3.8.5 without problems?

    Because I want to return to the old version, but unfortunately I do not have a backup copy so that the company was able to return us to the possibility of hope back to the old version by version 3.8.5.

    It would be very cool if the company did so.
    I hope that my proposal to be clear because I'm not good at English language

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    I hope that this proposal up to the administration as well as interested
    And to consider it seriously and work to achieve
    Because there are many others want to return to the old version that they face problems and mistakes in the fourth generation.


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      agree with you

      you have my support in this case


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        I do understand your feelings in such a concern,.. but I am compelled to ask what one does when 3.x goes to end-of-life status?


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          I would rather vB spend time fixing bugs than working on a way to downgrade vB4 databases to vB3 format for people who didn't bother to make (or keep) backups of their systems before they upgraded.


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            Surprised at the objections of some and ridicule of the subject I do not know who will be harmed if the company working on the proposal, you will lose something of his age? Or do you lose the house or lose his job or lose his car?

            There are others who have upgraded to the new version in the hope that a stable, but the company behind the solution of many problems are still not able to solve problems and make the stable version, this proposal provides for those who wish to return to the old version, the company could implement this proposal. It is the work of Mahmoud and commendable, will not harm the company at all.
            If you are unable to implement the company I hope the administration proposed illustration, our goal is to advance the company forward.


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              Since the company announced the production of a product prevents the forum (UTF-8)

              My suggestion that the company manufactures a product makes the customer able to refer to the older version.
              It would be better to work on this proposal with the new version 3.8.5.

              I do not think the question was difficult for the company vbulletin giant.


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                All this talk of wanting to downgrade is a bit silly if you ask me.

                I have just upgraded to vb4.01 ( and yes it isn't perfect and there are some bugs to iron out, but it's really not as bad as everyone is making out.

                Stick with it and be patient for future releases which will clear up the little niggles.

                Why should vbulletin create downgrade scripts? It's your responsibility to take a back up of your forums so that in a worst case scenario you could go back to 3.x. I have the 3.x files and a copy of the 3.x database and before i re-opened my forums I could have gone back to it if I wanted.


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                  And if you wanted to be super cautious, it's best to wait for a few people to upgrade first and watch how things are going and then wait to upgrade until you feel it is good enough for you and yor community.


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                    Precious and I thank you very much on your advice .. This clearly would indicate your concern and attention thank you very much.

                    But the time for advice too far. So I hope that this product.
                    Who wanted to stay on the new version and wait until all the problems this will and decision. Anyone who wants to return to the old version, the option is available to the existence of this product if it built the company. I ask them to actually work on this proposal.

                    I repeat my thanks to all of you great
                    Ray and I still wait for the company in the subject.


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                      vBulletin will not be providing any software or tools to downgrade to a previous version of it's software.
                      Vote for:

                      - Admin Settable Paid Subscription Reminder Timeframe (vB6)
                      - Add Admin ability to auto-subscribe users to specific channel(s) (vB6)


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                        Originally posted by Trevor Hannant
                        vBulletin will not be providing any software or tools to downgrade to a previous version of it's software.
                        My dear friend Trevor Hannant
                        Please consider the proposal in a more, you will not lose the anything in what if you make software or tool allows reference to an earlier version, it will not cost any material loss, but on the contrary it will be a feature of the company, which commended.
                        Consider the proposed intensively and to see Ajabyate


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                          For the second time in a row has been delaying the release of version 4.0.2. Where is the fault? Should we wait to solve the problems that we lose all visitors to our forums?

                          I reiterate my request that the company works to produce a tool especially for those who wanted to return to the previous version 3.8 .. Dahi for obstinacy in the company's inability to resolve the problems facing the owners of the language of right to left.

                          Will provide a great service to themselves and to the customers if there is a tool which allows to return to the old version


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                            To insist on the biggest mistake that he committed the offense

                            I hope that consideration into account and the company's seriousness in my proposal

                            For customer convenience and comfort of the company from the burden of criticism and pressure of those who face problems version

                            I confirm that the company will not lose anything and nothing will harm her if she worked this proposal
                            On the contrary, you will earn customer satisfaction and affection


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                              We have never provided a downgrade tool and we do not plan on doing so now.

                              If you require assistance in moving to a previous version without restoring a backup or wish to see this sort of tool created, I suggest you post over at

                              May I also suggest reducing the font size when posting so it's easier on people's eyes - thank you.
                              Vote for:

                              - Admin Settable Paid Subscription Reminder Timeframe (vB6)
                              - Add Admin ability to auto-subscribe users to specific channel(s) (vB6)


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