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  • [Forum] Image for header background ?

    Dear All....

    Please see :

    The header background image of the sky and kites...

    I'd like to use this is the same way (as a background) to the forum section rather than having the regular blue background with the vbulletin logo above the menu....

    Is this possible ??


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    I'm sure it is possible. You would set it as the background and then you would make your header transparent (I would guess) and set a height for the header since there is no logo there to 'push' down the Home/Forum/Blogs buttons. You should probably post int he Graphics forum over on if you need help.

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      Create a transparent image (GIF or PNG) for the place holder to push the header and place it as your logo. But the size of the image is what will control the header width.

      Then change the background of the of the header...
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