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  • [Forum] Forum Posts Only Using Up Half the Available Space

    I've modified my vB to a different width from the retail version and it now the page layout works to my liking. The problem though is that all of my forum posts are only using up half of the space that's available to it.

    A forum post that is
    on my site would
    appear like this and
    not use all of the
    available space.

    Another thing too: if I attempt to edit a post, the form is all crammed into that same space. If I create a new thread, the form takes up the width I defined, but the finalized post still suffers the problem of being crammed in by an invisible barrier. Where do I go to have the post width as "100%"?

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    Still can't figure this one out, does anyone know why this is happening?


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      Are the first and last post the only ones impacted by this behavior, i.e. post #2 of a 3 post thread looks normal?


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        i was just getting ready to create this same thread. i'm having the same problem. it almost seems random.


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          This issue has been posted about many times. Here is the fix:
          Originally posted by Trevor Hannant View Post
          There are many threads on this already - this will be fixed in 4.0.2. To fix this just now, find this code in the postbit or postbit_legacy template depending on which you use:

          <div class="content<vb:if condition="$post['isfirstshown'] || $post['islastshown']"> has_ad</vb:if>">
          and change it to this:

          <div class="content<!--<vb:if condition="$post['isfirstshown'] || $post['islastshown']"> has_ad</vb:if>-->">
          If you subsequently want to place an ad in there, simply uncomment that section out.

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            Great, thanks!


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              Hate to bump an old thread, but I just installed 4.0.3 PL1 and this half page bug is happening to me. The exact code to edit the fix isn't the same. Can you give me a hint please? Thanks.


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                Yeap, it is ridiculous - with the subsequent versions the found bugs are not fixed but already FIXED bugs appear again! Time to change the boats, so to speak, it seems...

                As about how to fix it, just find in your postbit or postbit_legacy (whatever you use) template the phrase: ['last_ad']"> hasad</vb:if>">

                and change it to: ['last_ad']"> hasad</vb:if>-->">

                and that's it.
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