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Spam problem with forum version 4.0.1

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  • [Forum] Spam problem with forum version 4.0.1

    After i upgraded my forum from version 3.8.4 to 4.0.1, the forum is receiving loads of spam posts. I configurated it so that people can oly post after being registered, and to register a new account there is a verification code required and a confirmation that is sent to the persons e-mail address. And even with that registration proccess the forum is still getting lots of spam posts per day.

    Any idea why is that happening??

    How can i stop that, since on my previous version it didnt happen??

    This spams, says: "Viagra... or porn spams"

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    Use the Question & Answer Verification.


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      Yeah the best way to beat spam bots is the Q&A. It's been discussed over and over on here.
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        OMG, the spammers have program to check e-mail and activate register ?

        I have my forum for a long time ago. Never have this problem and on this weak i update to vb 4... this problem started now, after i make the upgrade.


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          Use the add-on at

          That prevents known spammers from even being able to register.
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