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sory to say-bat.vb cms is realy bad and not friendly

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  • oddmud

    Have you submitted tickets too? I've been helped with every issue I've had.
    Last edited by oddmud; Fri 5 Feb '10, 6:19am.

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  • s0lidgr0und
    Upload the 3.8 files back to your server and use the db backup that you took before you upgraded.

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  • sory to say-bat.vb cms is realy bad and not friendly

    i try it from the first day this suit vb 4 is published
    is full with problems and the support here is sucks
    pay for phone support and this phone not works{no answer}
    after upgrade to vb 401 gote more problems.
    i have make big big mistake in change my vb 3.8 for this bad version
    i like to cancel this and install back the vb 3.8 with vbadvansed cmps
    how i do this?
    how i can install back the vb 3.8 and save info?
    please- i dont ask any money-only to back to normal minimal site
    i have feel this is not works for me
    i m wery close to givup from vbulletin and go to other friendly site-and minimal support
    Last edited by avitor; Fri 5 Feb '10, 4:50am.

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