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  • [Forum] Articles in CMS

    Hiya, I'd really appreciate it if you help me see where I'm going wrong with this.

    1.The first thing I'm trying to do is alternate the columns layout on the CMS homepage. Ie. I'd like the first article to be 1 x 2 columns wide. The next 2 articles, pulled from a different section I'd like to be 2 columns. Then the next article, pulled from a third section, I'd like to be 1 x 2 columns wide again, and so on. The pre-sales documentation / the how-to's and the settings in the ACP itself all seem to indicate that this is possible. Yet whatever I do I can only get the layout to match the setting for the Home section. ie. if thats set to 1 x 2, the first article is 1 x 2 columns wide and all other columns are 2 columns, regardless of any other settings?

    2.How do I stop every single article appearing on the home page? What I want is to have a home page featuring say 6 leading articles, with all previous / historical articles accessible by selecting the category menu. What I don't want is every single article ever published listing on the home page, that just creates an unholy mess. Surely I can set up the CMS this way? Can't i??

    Thanks in advance! I can't afford to lose any more sleep over vb4!!!

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    if you click the pencil next to the section header title you can select what layout you want (you might need to go into admincp cms and set up as many layouts/grids as you want, by default it will all be the same unless you change it, although not sure if this is what you mean, I don't think you can have a page that starts with a 2x1 column then goes into a 3x column

    for no2, you tick the no option for show sub section content, so on your home section click the pencil next to the title and set the no to subsection content, then only articles created on the home section will appear there.


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      Thanks for the response, looking at the second issue - this throws up some new problems. As you said, now the articles from the sub-sections are not displayed. When I had display sub-sections checked, the order of the articles (everything set to manual) was correct. But now, when I have checked no for show sub-section content, the manual ordering is ignored. The ordering of the articles is now (on the CMS Homepage) "Newest First" - regardless of the Manual Order setting on the ACP. I've tried clearing the CMS cache and that seems to have had no effect. Is this a known bug or is there something else I've missed. As a comment on the whole Home Page structuring, this has to be a design flaw? What this means is that I'll have to duplicate content that I want to appear on the home page, but also that I want to exist within a sub-section? Rather than a blanked yes or no to display sub-sections, it would be better if you could select whether or not to display sub-sections by each individual sub-section. Has this been suggested already? Thanks again.


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        First, I have not seen what you describe. Sounds like a bug. We have however added some features in v402 that should help.

        There are a couple additional sort options, one of which is "Manual Only". That means you can select exactly what you want to display on your home page. Or any subsection.

        We don't have the option to select individually what subsection content to display on a higher section. It's a "display subsection content" yes/no radio button. Having more complex selection would IMHO be a suggestion not a bug.

        Assuming that you are still not happy, please enter a bug report, describing is as much detail as possible how to reproduce this issue.
        Please- I'm not tech support. Don't send your problem reports to me unless I've asked you to.


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          Hi Edwin, thanks for your response. i agree that the more complex selection is a feature request not a bug, so I'll add raise it where appropriate. I'll also check the bug tracker and raise that too. I'm REALLY looking forward to v4.02!!!!


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            try clicking the pencil again on the section header and setting the order to manual in the section itself and ordering them how you like instead of doing it in the admincp, as for the duplicate content, agreed, or you could use categories to pull articles from any section into the one place, would be nice to have a checkbox to tick if you wanted a article onto the main page or not though


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