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changing font size in textedit box

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  • [Forum] changing font size in textedit box

    My users (and I!) are finding that the size of the type in the textedit (reply) box is very small and hard on the eyes (most of us are past our 20s... ). I have tried to adjust this by enlarging the smallest font stylevar but that doesn't seem to change anything. The only thing I can find for the textedit section changes the box colour but that's it.

    Is there a way to change the size/font etc? Many thanks for any help.

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    Use the enhanced wysiwyg editor instead....

    I am led to beleive this has been fixed in 4.0.2, but until that is released the above solution is the best you have , my users are having the same issues as yours
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      This is what I was told by vBulletin; Admin CP -> Styles and Templates -> StyleVars -> Common > font > font size
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        The latter definitely doesn't change font size for the quick reply text edit; tried that. The wysiwyg approach does so I'll let my members know that and hope it gets picked up.


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          That doesn't seem to do it for me.


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