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  • [Forum] Preventing Members from Linking

    Is it possible to prevent certain User groups (like new members) from posting links in their post?


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    No, it is not possible without a modification from I know this because that is what I really wanted to do and I searched for every way. You can disable the bb link code but that prevents all links for all users.

    I think I found the solution though. Look at this mod at Then read post #261 (Last post currently) where one member reports this mod for vb 3.6.8 works okay on 4.0.1. That is the second person who told me it works on a 4.0.X vb.

    I haven't installed any mods yet, still holding out for a few more vb updates and I don't have an active community yet. If you try it and it works please give a shout in that thread.


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      I thought this was possible using promotions? Modify your Registered Users group to disallow linking. Then create a new group Not Newbies Anymore in which linking is allowed. Then use promotions to move people from the Registered Users group to the Not Newbies Anymore group after x no. of posts.

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        Promotions do work as you say, you have that right.

        The problem is you are assuming that you can control which group can create links and you cannot.

        Where you say "Modify your Registered Users group to disallow linking" is where the problem lies. You have no way to stop Registered users from linking. You can control a lot of things that Registered Users can or cannot do. You can even stop them from creating links in their signature. But you cannot stop them from creating links in forum posts. Sure seems like you should be able to, doesn't it?
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          you'll need a mod
          I've always used the permissions mod by Cyb -
          it works exactly how I wanted
          I can block users from posting links, or using the pm system
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            Is that a 4.0 mod? I thought I had seen all the mods that could do this, which was 2. Can you post a link or more info to search for? Cannot search for cyb. Thanks.

            Edit: Got it. You mean this one for 3.8 which allows links after a set number of posts. Correct?



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              It's been updated for 4.x:

              Same guy - just calling himself VSa now instead of Cyb.
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                Originally posted by CycleChat View Post
                I thought this was possible using promotions? Modify your Registered Users group to disallow linking. Then create a new group Not Newbies Anymore in which linking is allowed. Then use promotions to move people from the Registered Users group to the Not Newbies Anymore group after x no. of posts.
                That won't work. You can disallow links in signatures using this method but, for reasons I've never understaood, vBulletin doesn't allow you to selectively turn off certain BBCodes in posts on a usergroup basis. To do that, you'll need an add-on like the one mentioned above.
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                  Okay, thanks guys - I've learned something new today ...
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                    Enable links in signatures but disable links in posts.

                    Howdy y'all! I received automated warnings from Bank of America because somebody posted a link to a pfishing site... Also, most spammers seem interested in posting links for "wowgold," etc., and might give up if they could not post links... So... I just want to turn off all links in posts... but leave links allowed in signatures. It is easy to monitor links in signatures, by restricting signatures to premium or paid usergroups. Also, I believe it is vital to allow premium members to post unobtrusive signature links, to reward participation. Meanwhile, important references are achieved just as well by posting non-clickable URLs. Here are the results of my searching the and forums for instructions.

                    My Notes.
                    • Controlling links in posts: Admin --> Options --> BB Code Settings --> Allow link BB Code. Notes:
                      (a) It may take a few hours for all link parsing to be stripped.
                      (b) "Disabling a BBcode will prevent it from working anywhere on the forum, including signatures..."
                    • Controlling links in signatures: Admin --> Usergroups --> Usergroup Manager --> Registered/Premium Users: Edit Usergroup: Go --> Signature Permissions: Allow Link BBcode: YES/NO. Unfortunately if you turn off links in posts, then as explained above, links can not be turned on in signatures. So then this setting becomes useless.

                    • Controlling BB Code in subforums: Admin --> Forums & Moderators --> Forum Manager --> Edit Forum --> Allow BBcode: YES/NO. This is a blunt instrument. On a subforum basis, it is only possible to turn all BB code on or off, not just links. This has two uses:
                      (a) For forums with a "visitor" subforum for unregistered guests, there is a high incidence of abuse and BB Code is quite unnecessary. Thus, I suggest turning off all BB Code in any "visitor" subforum.
                      (b) The good news about turning off BB Code for subforums is, this does not affect signatures! Premium members can still be allowed signature links and formatting. Therefore this is feasible, but your forums may be drab, with no BB Codes in messages.
                    • Controlling links for usergroups. Freeware add-ons are needed to turn links on or off for a specific usergroup. Such as:(Recommended in this 2010 discussion by DCX000 and Loco.M.) However, these do not seem to distinguish between links in signatures and links in posts. Also in my forum, "post count" permissions might only be partly effective. Many spammers seem to use software to make dozens of mock posts.

                    • In reply #9 of a 2004 discussion, "How to disable refferal links?," Drache posted an innovative PhP code. However I am unclear what this does. (a) Strips referral codes from links? Or... (b) Prevents search engines from reading the links? Or... (c) Makes links containing referral codes non-active? (If anyone knows the answer, please "reply" here.)

                    • If you are trying to turn "off" linking permission in signatures, then according to a discussion I read, existing links might not be affected. If this happens, I suggest temporarily turning off signatures for all members--then perhaps the next day, transfer all members to a new usergroup that allows signatures but not links. (Not sure if this will work. But of course you can test it easily using one member.)

                    My Questions.
                    • Is it possible to allow links in signatures but not in posts? Perhaps using a template modification? (Then it would not be needed to control links per usergroup, since we can turn off signatures per usergroup.)

                    • Might it be possible to modify the post template, so that posts refer to the same "permissions" as for the signature?

                    My Options.

                    I do not really understand PhP or Vbulletin hacking. But after half-guessing my way around, the nearest possibilities for my needs seem to be:
                    1. Using the freeware add-on, "Advanced BB Code Permissions," enable only premium usergroups to post links. This will not stop them from putting links into messages. However they can simply be told not to do so. Violators can be demoted, and then allowed to re-earn or re-buy their premium membership. You can also reduce the temptation by removing the "Insert Link" button.

                    2. Or... Admin --> Forum Manager --> Turn off all BB Code in all subforums one-by-one. Then premium members can still post links in signatures. Also, non-premium members can have signatures, but no link permission. The disadvantage is that no member will be allowed to use bold face type, and most other BB Codes, in messages. This would be a shame, although BB Codes are not essential.

                    3. Or... Admin --> Options --> BB Code Settings --> Allow link BB Code: NO --> Enter --> Admin --> Custom BB Codes --> Add New BB Code --> "Replacement" field: click the question button for details --> Add target="_blank" for traditional pop-up links.

                    Using option 3, create a cryptic link code, such as [ax158][/ax158]. Set up a help forum for premium members only, telling them the link code and to keep it secret. So far as link-posting is concerned, this might achieve similar results as the freeware add-ons. In addition, you can introduce a new link code every 1-2 years, and delete the oldest link code every 2-5 years. Active premium members will be rewarded with active and instantly updated signature links in every message ever posted.

                    Problem: the "secret" link code shows up in the BB Code FAQ page. Solution:
                    Admin --> Styles & Templates --> Search in Templates --> help_bbcodes --> Customize --> Large Edit Box --> Ctrl+F: find and delete:
                    --> Send --> Save.
                    This FAQ modification was developed mainly by trial-and-error. But, so far as I can tell, it works. All custom BB codes are now removed from:

                    If any super-geek out there knows how to discover my "secret BB codes" (a.k.a. custom BB codes)--please let me know by Private Message! Thank you. (Even if so, however, I think we can count on 99.9% of link spammers being even more ignorant that I.)
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