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Attachments: mySQL -vs- web space?

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  • [CMS] Attachments: mySQL -vs- web space?

    I know that there are threads similar to what I'm asking, but is it advisable to store attachments in the mySQL database or the file system? Are there performance benefits to one over another?

    I have just started using vBulletin and therefore have a small-sized CMS. One of the things I'm concerned about is backing up and restoring a mySQL database (which I've never done before). If you try restoring a database that's 1GB+ and the upload times out or something, do you have to restart from the beginning or can you just resume? I ask only because I've seen posts on people having databases that are 50GB+.

    Thanks for helping.

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    Only serve attachments from MySQL if you have a specific reason to - it's less efficient than using the file system.
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      Performance wise filesystem is better once you have >100MB in attachments. If mysql command line restore of database timesout you'd have to start other again with fresh empty database to restore to. You won't be able to resume.
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        Thanks, I've gone ahead and transferred them over to the filesystem.