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VBulletin and Database problems

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  • [Forum] VBulletin and Database problems

    I'm having problems with vBulletin and my host database.
    Seems I'm only allotted 15 open connections at any given time. I was told this had nothing to do with the users on the website, but OPEN connections. Not for sure what that means.

    In the past 2 days, my database crashed, and started running slow. Last night, since I have it set up to email me when there are database errors, I received about 500 emails within 5-10 minutes. I emailed my host ( which I've used for 10 years now, and both the emails and pair said it has to do with the 'class_core.php' file.
    below is what they wrote me.

    ---first email from pair
    Your install of VBulletin may not be properly closing connections when a visitor stops accessing the database via the website. We would suggest examining the code in the a_mywebsite/forum/includes/class_core.php file mentioned in the error, and perhaps contacting VBulletin's support.

    ---most recent email from pair
    No, it doesn't reference users on the website itself, but open connections to the database at any given time. As Mark mentioned, it may have to do with VBulletin not properly closing a connection to the database. You should check the PHP file mentioned in the error, and if it is indeed a case of VBulletin not managing the database connection properly, that would be out of our hands, and you would need to consult VBulletin for support.

    --this is off their website

    • Databases are limited to 15 concurrent connections. While this limit is enforced separately for each username connecting to a database, it is against policy to attempt to use the three usernames alloted to a database to circumvent this limit.
    • Advanced Account holders are limited to 1500 queries per hour, of which at most 750 can alter data in the database (such as INSERT, UPDATE, and DELETE queries).


    I don't get that much traffic to Vbulletin ..approx 100 a day...
    I have another program I am using along with a database that is on the same server and gets quite a bit more traffic...and never had problem with it (used it for 1 1/2 years now)

    Please help me understand what this means, and what I can do!

    Thank you in advance

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    It would help if we could actually see the database error.

    Did you install any modification around the time you started getting these errors? Have you tried disabling your modifications to see if that stops the errors?

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