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Changing the colour of the post title input box background and font size/colour

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  • [Forum] Changing the colour of the post title input box background and font size/colour

    Got a slight niggle with my vb4 forum which is using a dark skin. When posting a new thread, when you type the title in it's black text against a black background, and when you click out it becomes black text on a WHITE background. The first is unreadable, the second is fine.

    I can't get an answer out of the skin designer, so could someone here please let me know how I can control the colour of the post title box background and the font colour? I don't particularly care about the change of colours when the title box is selected (this is on the vb4 default skin too, the background turns a faint blue when the box is selected).

    I'd also like to up the size of the font used as well to 13px.



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    Hmm, anybody? Should be a pretty easy setting, if I could just find it! The Visual Template Dictionary pdf thing doesn't actually point out what it is, and if I use the Firebug inspector it looks something like input.textbox or blockrow, but nothing I change here seems to have any effect.


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      I've got the exact same problem. Gone through it with firebug and no luck in finding pertinent vars to change...but it must come from somewhere right?

      Also a problem with the Asset Manager... cant read some of the light text in the light fields. Shouldn't seem to difficult right but no luck over a month later.

      Welcome to the "we don't know or we don't care" realm of Vbulletin.



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        Update: Hallelulia, in 4.0.2 it's Stylevar: control_focus_background

        Now if I can only figure out the why elements still overlap and how to change the Asset manager appearance, I'd be one step closer to walking on the moon.

        Good Luck,


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          Thank you, worked on 4.2.1

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