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Thumbnails are generated but article keeps showing full picture

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  • [CMS] Thumbnails are generated but article keeps showing full picture


    I have this problem and don't know how to address it. I have thumbnails enabled in my vbulletin suite 4.0 installation. I have all set for thumnails to be generated and I have actually proven they have because when I copy the url of the attachment and add "&thumbnail=1" at the end then past it on the explorer address bar it does show a tiny icon, but the article itself keep showing the full picture.

    In other words, when I do this with my pictures, does show the thumbnail: (Full image) (Thumbnail, this also works with my pictures but the articles don't show them)

    When tediously I edit, one by one each picture, and click "show image as "thumbnail"" it still shows the full image but resized, which takes a long to load. In other words a 500KB+ "thumbnail".

    How can I get through this?

    Thank you in advance.
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    I have the same problem, I've gone through the admin panel looking to see if there was any settings that might be causing this only thing I could find was the allow resizing of images which I disabled and I still have the problem. I also tried changing the image library and rebuilding the image thumbnails. I've tried adding the images two different ways,
    [attach=config]attach #[/attach]
    and just using the manage attachments option in the editor, I've tried using the insert image method.

    Both methods result in the full image being loaded on the front page just scaled so in other words it's 100x100 but scaled down from 1600x1200 and around 1mb which is obviously inefficient and horrible for site bandwidth. The forum thumbnails work just fine, so why does it even bother building thumbnails for these images and storing them if it doesn't use them? If there's some simple setting I'm missing please tell me because this is frustrating.

    Only thing I can gather is that for the forum the thumbnails that are built are 100x80 while the ones for the cms are 150px × 113 so it has to scale them.
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      Posted it as a bug. We'll see.


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