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  • [Forum] Text Editor Toolbar Background?

    Where do I edit the background colors /styles for the text editor toolbar (ie the Bold, Italics, Underline, etc. buttons)? I tried changing the toolbar menu options but it didn't actually change anything. I don't even know if this works in VB4. Are there stylevars for this? It's one of the last things I need to make my forum functional and I just can't seem to find what controls this:

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    sorry to bump this but I'm still having trouble with finding where to change the button's background colors. thanks


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      No StyleVar. It's hard-coded to white.

      Edit editor.css, find:
      .editor_controls .popupmenu div.popupctrl {
       border:1px solid #E1E1E2;
       padding-{vb:stylevar right}:10px;
       background-image:url({vb:stylevar imgdir_misc}/popupctrl.png);
       background-position:{vb:stylevar right} center;
      Set background-color to whatever you want.

      vb should add a stylevar for that.


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        Meestor, thank you for the reply. I should have been a little more specific. The code you pointed me to changed the background for the popup control backgrounds (where you select Fonts, Sizes, etc). What I was looking for was how to change the background for the buttons underneath those menus. The buttons that allow you to select Bold, Italic, Underline, etc. On a dark background they are barely visible. However you got me pointed in the right direction and I was able to find what I needed there in the editor.css.

        For others searching this, to change the background for the "imagebuttons" search for this code

        .editor_controls > ul > li {
        Just change the background there from transparent to #000000 or whatever color you choose. This will change the background of ALL of the buttons though. If that is not what you want then you will have to edit the actual button images themselves.

        They are found in forums/images/editor/ Look for bold.png, italic.png, underline.png, etc. It was a simple photoshop edit to change the color to something that stands out on a dark backgound.

        Finally to change the color of the buttons when you hover over them, once again in editor.css look for this code:

        .editor_controls .imagebutton_hover {
        and change the background of it and the following two backgrounds to the colors of your liking. I hope that helps someone.


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          Thanks for the info guys! I asked this exact same question on the forum and got no reply.

          Just goes to show, a little documentation up front can go a long way.



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