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How to include Blog Entries in What's New? list

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  • [Forum] How to include Blog Entries in What's New? list

    Is there anyway to include blog entries among the forum posts and article posts and comments when you click the What's New tab?

    I know you can then click on the New Blog Entries submenu, but I'm afraid the word "blog" is scary for my users (they aren't very web 2.0ish) and therefore they'll never click on the Blogs tab or the New Blog Entries submenu under the What's New? tab.

    How can I integrate all new things (new posts, blog entries, articles, article comments, etc) together so that they all show when the What's New? tab is clicked?

    I looked in the ACP under CMS, Blog, Options, etc etc and couldn't find any setting for this. I also searched here on the vB forums and couldn't find anyone asking the same question.

    Thanks in advance!

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    That means this is really simple and I'm totally missing it or it's really difficult and nobody knows the answer I guess.


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      I'll try one more bump on this before I give up...


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        this is a great idea, but I don't have a clue how to do it either.


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          Yeah, it seems like common sense to me that NEW blog entries would be listed automatically like articles under the What's NEW link.

          Can't believe there is nobody out there with an answer. Hah!


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            I am hopeful that the devs have seen this and will at least look at it being incorporated in the near future.


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              Me too. I saw a thread about it a while back and I believe the vbulletin position was that it wasn't currently in any plans (which is very surprising -- you'd think this would be integrated). At least as a sidebar. Would love to get an update on this though...


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                I don't know a lot about how exactly vBulletin works but I can't imagine it would be too difficult for the guys to make a "What's new" section in the AdminCP > Settings > Options so that you could include or exclude anything that's "new."

                Maybe it is though, like I say, I don't really know.


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                  Any ideas since 4.0.1 has come out?


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                    It can't be done under the current architecture.
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                      No, it isn't available now... the VB Team thinks the What's New button should bring up new posts of the forum only... slight BIG downfall being they are pushing a Suite now...

                      One would think the What's New option would pull in ANYTHING new on the site. Instead it's just a repeated link of the New Posts link.

                      It would seem they have added a new function that isn't new at all... maybe in vb 5.0 or beyond we will get a real suite.


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                        Damn. Was very excited when I saw this thread thinking I would find a solution within it.

                        I agree. It's beyond stupid to bring so much attention to a WHATS NEW button in the default nav bar like that if it only does a fraction of your website.


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                          I renamed mine to "New Posts" until this gets corrected (and I do mean corrected!)


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                            I though it would work that way too, it seems you have to select the sub-sections of what's new from the sub-menu under the main tab.


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                              Originally posted by indie View Post
                              I though it would work that way too, it seems you have to select the sub-sections of what's new from the sub-menu under the main tab.
                              Yeah - I don't know about the rest of you, but I personally am not a big user of the sub-nav items. It would be interesting to get some stats on that. Meanwhile, the "What's New?" landing page should support a layout that shows all things that are new (articles, forum posts, blog posts, groups, albums, new members...)... This is common sense stuff I'm talking about. Otherwise, it's not a very good answer to "what's new".


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