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    The first responses on my forum were somewhat negative, but after loading a different style (vb4_blue from and modifying it here and there, most of them are now quite satisfied. There are still several smaller issues I need to address (mostly stylingwise), but that's an ongoing process.

    vB 3.8 was running with only minor style changes (only header/footer and a postbit_legacy template), but vB 4.0 already needed quite some extra work, which is unfortunate, but I can live with it. - The Dutch Peugeot Rallye Club


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      haha my forum was down all weekend from a failed upgrade. Just went back up a few hours ago. so needless to say my members are just excited to have there board back. lol none of them cares that its totally stock right now.


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        The responses are entirely negative. I am seeing traffic and no one posting now.

        If I have to spend this much time recoding, why was this released?


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          Originally posted by xsquid View Post
          How do yo change that? I changed the text after posting, but the text as you are replying is tiny. I also have problems with people being logged out continually.
          It's in the Stylevars under the 'Common' section. We changed it from 11px to 13pt - that looks quite large to begin with, but is easy for our users to see.
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            My users are a mixed lot. On the one hand most understand that we lost some mods that we liked (LiveTopic and a better Image Resizer), but the biggest complaint was far and away the brightness of the site. Luckily for me my Tech Admin created two styles (HalBlue and HalDark) and the complaints have died down. Now all we need is a Mobile Style that works (and the current 4.0 mod doesn't do the trick) and we'll be good to go.
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              My forum were united by negative comments, right up until I did the upgrade.

              The really were afraid of change.

              Since the upgrade, nothing but praise.

              I also had to provide an alternative darker style, as the white background was given a few of them a nice tan.


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                Positive because I've finally learned how to mod vBulletin so I can fix the problems, recreate mods, etc.


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                  I haven't had any real negative comments from my users that I've let in to help me on our vb4 test board, with the exception of skins. My mods are giving similar feedback. Love the extra features, hate how the difficult the new skin system is to work with (especially with how basic the CSS for each of our skins was before). Also had a few negative comments regarding the CMS stuff, with not being able to run it in root (without putting everything in root, bad for our SEO and all the accumulated inbound links) making it look a little ugly with some of the sections we were planning to put on there.
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                    Still mostly negative. The quotations look horrible - my members post a lot of text in the quotations and they're really hard to read. The search function isn't as comprehensive as before. Articles in CMS still have not been published because I won't publish articles in which you can't wrap text around an image and I definitely want image in there. Smilies are way too bland - a real comedown. Most people are not weighing in one way or the other actually; when they do weigh it's about something they don't like. Most people seem to absorb the changes and move on.

                    Traffic is still fine.


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