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  • [Forum] Calendar Issue, Comments

    Very nice calendar, but a few points.

    1. When adding a ranged event, you must enter the time. This should be optional - some events span days and each day may have a different time, or you just don't care to share the time. Certainly should be available for people who want it, but not a show stopper if you leave it blank.

    2. If you leave it blank, you get an error page. There is no link to go back, so you have to use the back button. This clears the description field and puts you back at Single All Day event tab. If there is a format error, there should be an easier way to click right back to where you left off instead of having to enter the data over again.

    3. The text on the ranged screen that lines up with the start and end lines indicates that you don't need a time for the start field by omission. The end line says you need a date and time, the start line says you only need a date. This is confusing because if you leave the time out for the start, you get the error page.

    4. The error message says you should choose either a pre-defined time or set your own. I can't see how you find a pre-defined time.

    5. The switch editor mode button appears near the top until you hover over it, then jumps down to the description area.

    One suggestion - is it possible to link a calendar entry to a forum, so that you have the option of starting a new thread in a forum of your choosing when you post a new event? This way people can discuss the event in the forums without having to perform a second step.

    Thanks for listening!

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    I agree to all of these...Went to go fill in my calendar for a 2 day event and its difficult to do, these are all day events!

    On the ranged deal you seem to have 2 start and end dates, why would you need both?


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      I agree, also. As of now the calendar system seems incomplete. I haven't been able to add events yet because you have to enter a time, in ranged events. Are there any more calendar features that will be created soon?
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        I totally agree with all that.

        Could this thread be moved to the VB4 suggestions forum?

        testing 1..2..3


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          I thought this problem was probably due to some font choices I'd made hosing the time field, so I thought, no problem, I'll just test this out on a copy of the forum I've been using for testing and make edits until it works. No, this DOES NOT WORK in the default VB4 template. PROVE to me it's possible to add a ranged event. No matter what I input, I receive:

          "Incorrect time chosen. Make sure that a valid from time and to time is set. Make sure to either choose a pre-defined time or set your own."

          So inputting 8:00 starting and 18:00 ending time, or 8:00 a.m. starting and 10:00 p.m. ending time (separate fields) yields the same error message. I'm happy to eat crow . Tell me how this is done or what error has been made in installation that prevents this process. The calendar--particularly ranged events--is a huge part of my forum and as it stands now, it is not usable. And of course, as is so obvious, there is no pre-defined time to select.

          This is in VB4
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