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Registration problem since upgrading - banned forever issues- HELP!!!!

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  • [Forum] Registration problem since upgrading - banned forever issues- HELP!!!!

    This the 5th person who has tried to register at our forum since the upgrade and in doing so or if coming back if they haven't been logged in for a few months are receiving messages that they are banned forever. ( they email us upset ). I checked users: it shows we have no banned members ( yet they are being told they are banned>?). I checked settings.

    HELP!! What is going on here?

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    Bump? Anyone?


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      I am assuming you just did a migration using Impex?


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        ?? Using Impex? I have no idea. I downloaded the 4.0 from my user section as the option provided me, then followed the instructions to upgrade my forum. New people are joining, but then they go to check their email to confirm the email and instead of receiving a confirmation, they now receive a ban forever notice. Why is this and how can I stop it. it's NOT GOOD AND IT'S not a good first impression. Before upgrading I NEVER had this issue. How do i fix this? I need to fix it TODAY.


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          Have you tried to check your phrases in your confirmation email, maybe there's going anything wrong on translating?


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            I'm having the same issue on a 4.0 impex conversion from phpbb3. It happens in the reset password process which they must do to log in the first time.



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              How did you fix it? What is the fix for this anyone? I'm getting yelled at right left and center over this....anyone know how to fix this. i haven't changed a thing in my settings since upgrading with regards to memberships or anything else that should cause this to happen. Can anyone answer this?


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                I just tried to sign up another dummy name on my site to view the problem once again. I altered the registration options such as not requiring to check email etc. I get this nice message after signing up that says welcome, now you can proceed to altering your profile etc. I click this or any of the links offered to me, and then I instantly get this message:
                You have been banned for the following reason:
                No reason was specified.

                Date the ban will be lifted: Never

                We have 5 new members we lost ( we have a paid board ) since this upgrade and because of issue. This is not allowing anyone to register. This is professional company - part of our board that provides business coaching and people pay well over 100.00 a year for their membership . I CANNOT have this happen and am getting pretty upset here because I am not getting this issue fixed and am losing business every day I cannot accept a membership ,, plus a reputation that could be harmed. I really regret this upgrade thus far.

                How can I fix this?
                I don't know what else to do since I didn't change anything to begin with.


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                  Check AdminCP - Usergroup Manager - Registered (or whatever you have as the group people go into when joining).

                  Make sure 'Is a Banned Group' (or similar) is set to 'No'.

                  I remember this happening around the 3.5.x time.
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                    I had this happen on my PHPbb3 to vb4 board, what I think fixed it was that with the import the script it created a new REGISTERED_USERS group, what I had to do was move everyone from that group that impex created to the default registered users group.

                    Try this if this is your scenerio. I ran into it when I was testing the board before going live with one of my mods. I made this change and no one has complained once I went live a few days ago (about 1k members)
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                      The same happened to me from phpbb3 to vb4.0 P1. As jhabers had mentioned, I too had found that users were moved to a Registered users group, which had no permissions. Look at the "PRIMARY" group that the problem user is in to see if they are in the right group. If not, change their primary group to the correct group and make sure that the correct group has all of the permissions properly set. I tried this with a test user converted from phpbb3 with success.
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                        same thing happened to me - here is the fix that worked for me

                        from the usergroup manager - delete the imported registered users group with all your members inside of it still

                        it will ask you if you are sure you want to do that, and that all users will be automatically moved the the vb4 registered users group - select yes

                        everything worked perfectly for me after that, but everyone had to update there passwords


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