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Fix for Sitemaps (easy way)

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    All your paths appear to be correct.

    You should set your sitemaps directory to 777
    The class_sitemap does not have to be a written file

    One thing I did notice is that I can access my
    though the browser and it comes up as a zip file.
    Yours does not.
    BUT, I did find them in your sitemaps directory
    If you click on anyone of them, it says "sitemap not found" (obviously they are there)
    So, possibly this is just a permissions problem. Change the directory to 777.
    Also, check the permissions of the files within the sitemaps. I believe these should auto set at 644.
    Don't know if that's the problem...but we got to be getting close.


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      Directory is now 777, still "Sitemap file not found"


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        Okay, This is beyond anything I can help you with....I'm just going to toss out some ideas...

        Be sure and check the sitemap files set at 644?
        Possibly your host wont let any .gz files run or open from on the sever?

        Good luck! If you get it figured out, please post, would like to know what the problem was.


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          Thank you for all your help. I appreciate it, will certainly post if I find a fix


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            Followed the steps and made directory /public_html/forum/sitemaps and I still get.

            Error: You did not enter a valid value for this setting.


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              Originally posted by saj716 View Post
              Click on the vbulletin_sitemap_index.xml.gz in GoogleWebmaster
              This will bring up two other files... one will be named something like vbulletin_sitemap_thread_1_xxxx.xml.gz (xxxx will be a number)
              Go back in your sitemap(s) directory and check and make sure that file and the one in Google match names.

              Everytime your run the sitemap generator, it will change the file name (as long as your forum posts are increasing). Once that runs, and if the sitemap is not resubmit, then you would get a red check since the file names would change so Google would not find it.

              Also, open the vbulletin_sitemap_index.xml.gz in your sitemaps directory and you will see a vbulletin_sitemaps_index.xml. Open that file and make sure that the URLs to your other two files are correct (including forums or sitemaps) The number in that file I mentioned above should also be the same.
              If NOT, rerun the sitemap generator in vb, and resubmit your vbulletin_sitemap_index.xml.gz file in Google. Even if it is, double check everything and rerun the vb sitemap, and resubmit.
              My forum posts are increasing day by day, so according to what you said above, the threads sitemap file name (vbulletin_sitemap_thread_1_xxxx.xml.gz) will keep changing.. as in I can also see in my sitemaps directory, the last digits of this sitemap file always gets changed when new threads are started at the forum. So, do we have to keep submitting our sitemap again and again at google webmaster tools?

              It's been almost 2 weeks since I submitted my VB sitemap to google webmaster tools, but not even a single url has been indexed so far yet. Sometime it shows everything is being fine and keeps a green check on all sitemap files but at other times when new threads are started at my forum, it shows a red cross across my sitemap files (thats very obvious, because the threads sitemap file name has already been changed again and google bots cannot find the location from the last downloaded sitemap files). So whats the solution to this problem?


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                Originally posted by L-Mane View Post
                Followed the steps and made directory /public_html/forum/sitemaps and I still get.

                Error: You did not enter a valid value for this setting.
                Yeah me too.


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