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Embeded pictures not showing in forum posts

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  • [Forum] Embeded pictures not showing in forum posts


    I've seen similar questions but not identical. Sorry if this has been covered. I've been playing with this through each version, and now we're on gold, it's time to raise the question.

    When creating a forum post, I'm attempting to insert a picture. I click "insert picture" browse to it and upload it. In the create thread window, I can see the thumbnail with the text wrapped around it. However, when I submit the post, the picture isn't displayed and all I see is "Attachment 44" as opposed to the actual image. I've been through the admin CP incase there was an option that needs changing to no avail. I've tried upping the pic size allowance etc. The same problem occurs when the post is promoted to an article.

    Any suggestions? This is driving me insane.

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