I've upgraded to VB 4.0 from 3.8 and generally I'm happy with the upgrade - good job VB Team!

HOWEVER, using my new forum (and yours) I get the feeling the styling has been finished off in a hurry. VB3 styles worked much better defining sections of the forum, the use of colours, and the use of margin/padding.

For example this 'post a new topic' screen, the title 'Post New Thread' could do with spacing to the breadcrumb, and then more spacing to the title bar 'Your message'. The toolbar looks lost against the white canvas, as does the descriptive text next to tags, post icons. Below that is just a mess, and I dont even want to look what the options are.

Certainly I'm used to looking at VB3 forums and this new VB4 design will take time to adjust to, but some parts of the design do seem unfinished to me. I know I can change the whole look of the forum and I will attempt this when I get time to learn the new system.

What are others people opinion on this?

VB are you planning on tweeking the default layout in future upgrades?