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How to Preview + Publish Article Immediately??

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    Ok, I'm just confirming that the CMS page where you manage the content as "Published or not Published" doesn't work for publishing content (it doesn't have a name it's just where you go when you click the pencil next to HOME, content.php?1-home/edit )

    Check the attachment to see which one I'm referring to. I can change article status from "Not Published" to "Published" all day long, but when I reload the page they don't change. I click Apply, Save, I press Enter, etc. Nothing.

    So Articles that I make don't get published until I go to "AdminCP > Vbulletin CMS > Content Manager " and change every article from Not Published to Published.

    Quite a hassle for something so simple =P
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      Maybe the changes take place when I clear the CMS cache? But it's not reliable. The only reliable thing is to go into the AdminCP and publish from there.


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        Ok, I actually gave up on Sections because they're kinda buggy right now, some changes erase them, other things work weird... I'm going to be customizing my site to be more like a wordpress blog, but I'm a little disappointed that things I wanted to do with it aren't workable right now =P


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          agree this is certainly very annoying feture
          am using gold and whenever some members are promoting to articles theres no way to avoid the publishing time issue...
          i want it to be publised instantly for every usergroups.. any idea how?
          its annoying to go to admincp and to edit that


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            can anyone shed any light here... we are having this issue


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