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  • Upgrade to Version 4

    HI All i hope this is the correct place

    I have a forum that's been running since 2009 with a version of 3.8 on it, we bought a licence for a second forum we had for a short period and this is now dead oi n the water so want to re use it on a the still active site

    Obviously with a forum that has been running for a number of years its had Plugins installed and other non VB software from the site,

    we would like to almost start a fresh and import the data posts threads users etc but not all the other stuff that is pretty much dead addons now

    what is the best way i found this link

    is the above the best way to do this i would be putting it on my test server first so can play around etc but its been years since i did all this type of stuff so any help is greatly appreciated, the other thought we had was to migrate to a fresh version of Vb5

    we have a lot of activity via face book and would rather drive it back to the forum not sure if the jump to V5 would help this

    Many thanks

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      You are best to simply uninstall or disable all current products and plugins, and then upgrade the site.

      Don't get hung up on 'cleaning up the database' and suchlike - it offers no real benefit.
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