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Forum won't load after upgrade to 4.2.3 - blank pages

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  • FloridaIdeal
    Thank you both so much, I installed the code and it worked straight away, just trying to find the red herring in my products. Thanks again

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  • donald1234
    Here are some more possibilities to consider.

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  • kh99
    Try disabling all your installed products. If you can't get to the admincp, then edit your includes/config.php and add this line, at the top just under the <?php line:
    define('DISABLE_HOOKS', 1);
    If that makes the site work, then you can go to the admincp and disable all add-on products, then remove that line from config.php. You can then enable the products one at a time and see which one breaks the site.

    I don't know much about styles, but 4.1.11 is pretty old. If you have a custom style it could be that it needs to be updated for vb4.2.3.
    Last edited by kh99; Thu 25 Jun '15, 6:37am.

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  • Forum won't load after upgrade to 4.2.3 - blank pages


    Hope someone can please help me, I recently moved servers and have been trying to get my forum live again with VB4.2.3 from 4.1.11, I transferred all files over fresh, database moved over just fine and the upgrade process went without any errors, deleted the install folder but once I get past that error message about the install folder all screens just load blank, no error messages the forum main page blank, control panel blank, The only thing that loads is the login page then after login straight to a bank page.

    So I create a brand new install of 4.2.3 and it all goes fine, cp works as does the forum itself...although with no data.

    Can anyone please tell me where I can start to try get my forum working again please?

    Thank you


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