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Strange symbols instead of £ after upgrade to 4.2.3

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  • Strange symbols instead of £ after upgrade to 4.2.3

    I have attached a screenshot of some of the symbols appearing where a £ symbol should show

    How can I fix this issue please?
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    It looks like you fixed it. I'm curious how you did it.


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      I manually overtyped the symbol on this occasion (as a test)

      All other references are still showing weird symbols


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        It seems that new post titles are fine

        Content in the post, and all migrated posts from 4.2.2 are affected


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          Oh, so it's not fixed, just the title. I was looking in to it and was confused because the http header and the page meta tag says ISO-8859-1, but the browser is saying the page is UTF-8. Then I searched and found that this happens when your pages start with byte order marks, which can happen if you edit your config.php with certain editors.

          If you edited your config.php file during the upgrade, then that's probably what happened. If so, you can fix it by getting the free program Notepad++ and opening the config.php using that. Then go to the Encoding menu and choose "UTF-8 without BOM" and save it (and upload it again).


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            I've done that now, thank you.

            I will now go and clean up the posts created since the upgrade which now show incorrectly - a much easier task - thank you


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