I recently purchased vBulletin 5 Connect, and while I intent on using vBulletin 4 as it is simply better than its newer relative, I do have a few questions regarding importing through ImpEx; which I have already downloaded.

Question 1: We are employing a team (naturally) to prepare and launch our next generation vBulletin forums. However, we all have identities on the phpBB forums but not necessarily the same amount of access since most only need limited access. On our testing site, when we import the phpBB database will it overwrite users who have the same name?

Question 2: I know in the 3.x days it was relatively easy to effectively "image" the vBulletin testing site and make it the production site (including moving it to the proper sub-directory /forums/).Is this still true with vBulletin 4? We will be making extensive modifications to vBulletin before taking it live and I would hate to have a very long downtime.

Question 3: The latest documentation on ImpEx from vBulletin specifies that in a phpBB 3 import; passwords will not be transferred. Is this still true?

Question 4: The ImpEx documentation suggest that when usergroups are imported it is best to merge them into the vBulletin usergroups. Is there a way to quickly copy imported usergroups into vBulletin usergroups?

Final Question: Not related to the importing process; I haven't had a lot of time to look at vBulletin 4 but is there a way to default vBulletin to the forum listing instead of the activity feed as well as hide the CMS from view?