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Upgrading from 3.8.x to 4.2 - A question (or two)...

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  • Zachery
    vBulletin 4 supports recent versions of php better.
    Has better modification support.

    Its up to each owner to choose their own path. I still run a few vb3 sites, but I wouldn't want to maintain them outside of my own server environment.

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  • Niktator
    Why do you want to upgrade?
    If you run a message board: stay at 3.8! Fast, stable great.
    Check by your own the development speed of vb4 in the past month. Like very close to everyone is working on vb5, vb4 got stucked.
    If there is no REALLY good argument (which I`d like to hear), stay with that great vb3.8 - the best piece of message board software EVER released.

    greets, Nik

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  • Zachery
    Nope, there isn't. You need to upgrade, period.

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  • Upgrading from 3.8.x to 4.2 - A question (or two)...

    In a nutshell, this is what I have done so far:

    Backed up 3.8.x database and files.
    Created new database for vb4 implementation
    Restored 3.8.x database and files to vb4 database and subfolder
    Installed all modifications that we use in 3.8.x that are designed for 4.x
    Installed and customized a style that is similar to our current 3.8.x style.

    Now for my question(s):

    Is there anything out there (not Impex, thanks) that will allow me to pull down an incremental thread/post/user/pm/etc. backup, convert it to vb4 schema, and upload it to the test site? I want to minimize downtime if at all possible. I would expect no more than 30 minutes of downtime which would be the result of simply changing one or two things to point the site to the live URL.

    Are there any real differences between the user/post/thread/pm/avatar/etc tables from 3.8.x to 4.2?

    Would it be best for me to pull the tables down from the vb4 implementation, and then merge the tables from 3.8 to 4.2 and then restore them?

    Note: All database transactions are done by SSH. Web-based admin functions for the database are disabled for security reasons.

    Thanks in advance and sorry if I'm asking in the wrong location.

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