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Is there a documented "safe" way to do a clean upgrade?

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  • [Forum] Is there a documented "safe" way to do a clean upgrade?

    We're planning on upgrading our forums from 3.8.7 to the latest Vb 4.2, but I would ideally like to do a "clean" upgrade, meaning, clearing out 8+ years worth of plugins/templates/styles/rubbish from the database and doing an upgrade on it?

    So I was thinking of emptying several tables on the test database, then running an upgrade, tables such as:

    Plugins, products, style, templates, language, phrases, settings/settinggroup etc.

    I know removing the settings bit would mess up the urls and various settings in the forum, but it would also remove all the broken/invalid entries from eons of plugin installation/removal.

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    No, you need to just upgrade. You should uninstall any addons you want to get rid of, and delete any styles you don't want. Same with languages/phrases.


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      Emptying those tables will make your vBulletin inoperable and will probably prevent you from upgrading as well.

      As Zachery said, all you need to do is uninstall the addons, styles and languages you no longer want and then let the upgrade script do its job. It is fairly robust.
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        Yea the upgrade didn't go so well, I had a similiar problem before in which some templates were interefering with the layout

        I emptied all the tables in question and ran the upgrade script again, plus the tools.php file to fix anything upgrade might miss off, seemed to work ok.

        Got rid of quite a lot of bloat in the process, as far as junk table/table entries go.


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          In what way did it not go so well?


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            I had the same issue with 4.2 as I did in the past -

            It's a weird one, but I assume it's some old template in the database which messes it up, so I just cleared the style/templates tables and all was ok, heh


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