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3.8.7 > 4.1.11PL1 Stuck on Step 105 of 109

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  • Kirkus
    OK. Scratch that. I stopped the process then restarted it again and it continued on. I had to stop and start several times before the upgrade was complete and it took a little time... oh yeah, I did receive that "txt" error that I've seen others ask about.

    Anyway, it seems to be OK. Sorry for the unnecessary thread.

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  • Kirkus
    started a topic [Suite] 3.8.7 > 4.1.11PL1 Stuck on Step 105 of 109

    3.8.7 > 4.1.11PL1 Stuck on Step 105 of 109

    I'm trying to upgrade my 3.8.7 to 4.1.11PL1 and the upgrade is stuck on Step 105, upgrading to 4.0.0 Alpha 1. I finally stopped the process after :30 minutes and started the process again. It's been hanging here for well over an hour now. Is this normal? More than an hour with no movement?

    I did an upgrade on a test site from 3.8.7 to 4.0.X a while back and the entire process took maybe 10 minutes.

    Click image for larger version

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