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  • [Forum] facebook and 4.1.11

    I remember that on the 4.1.3 version. If I want to like a post and promote a post, I can click on the "facebook" icon.

    But, I dont see it on my forum after the upgrade. I checked all settings.

    where does it go?

    1. I am able to connect to FB via the forum, just cannot see the FB like
    2. test it on the default style


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    My previous post has been resolved, but not this one....

    Please help me out...


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      Are your forums private? Private forums do not have the like option.


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        Originally posted by Zachery View Post
        Are your forums private? Private forums do not have the like option.

        what do you mean by private forum?

        like I only allow certain people?


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          If guests cannot view the forum/thread, the like button wont showup.


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            I run a private board and we enjoyed using the Facebook like button, since we have a private facebook identity to go with it. This was all working great till around v1.4.08 or around there when it stopped working ( I could be totally wrong when the change took place ). I have been busting my butt trying to figure out what I have been doing wrong - since there was no mention of this functionality changing. So here is a few points I want to make:

            1.) When vbulletin reverses the property of a function there should at least be a blog post letting us know. Since I am a professional programmer I do not expect every little programming change to be reported. But when functionality changes you owe it to the users to let them know.

            2.) Although I do understand why you have changed the logic on the function. The point of locking it out to private boards is not the same as the RSS feed. RSS feeds from a private board serve no purpose and is detrimental, whereas the Facebook like button is only detrimental if it is used incorrectly. Please leave this as an option! If this is not acceptable then please let me know how I can reverse the functionality -- at least point me in the right direction to restore this functionality.

            I do understand this happened before you made the direction shift there at vbulletin and you have been doing better at letting the uses know the changes you have made. I want to complement you on this change, it has been awesome!

            PS: Where can I post a functionality change. Should I be posting this in Jira?
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              If you want a functionality change then yes, you'll need to raise an Improvement Request in JIRA
              Vote for:

              - *Admin Settable Paid Subscription Reminder Timeframe*
              *PM - Add ability to reply to originator only*
              - Add Admin ability to auto-subscribe users to specific channel(s)
              - Highlight the correct navigation tab when you are on a custom page
              - "Quick Route" Interface...
              - Allow to use custom icons for individual forums


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                I agree with tbworld. I also enjoy using facebook in my private forum..


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                  so, anyway, I changed on of my forums to public, but the facebook button is "blue out" (see attachment)

                  I did some testings..

                  at home:
                  1. see fb icon normally for both my forum and vbulletin forum

                  at work
                  1.see fb icon normally for vbulletin forum
                  2. fb icon is "blue out" for my private forum
                  (please see the attachment)

                  I am behind the firewall. However, I can see the fb icon okay on the vbulletin forum, but not on my own forum.
                  did I set the security too tight...
                  Is there any other setting I should adjust?

                  Click image for larger version

Name:	why.jpg
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                    Nothing stops you from using facebook, you just cannot use the like function, as the like function does not work well/at all on private pages. Facebook just uses a please login/no permissions page. That would also be the title of the page.


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                      Originally posted by Zachery View Post
                      Nothing stops you from using facebook, you just cannot use the like function, as the like function does not work well/at all on private pages. Facebook just uses a please login/no permissions page. That would also be the title of the page.
                      On our Facebook it is not the title of the page and displaying "Please log-in" is exactly what we are looking for. Our users already know the site is private so they do not mind this message, but it allows our Facebook users to know there is a private board associated. If they do not want to log-in and find out more about the particular message posted, well that's their choice.

                      My point being is that the post to Facebook is an advertisement link to our board. In fact this functionality is exactly what we were looking for from differentiating from Facebook. All I am asking for is a toggle in admincp. I do agree this is not wanted by all people, but you took the functionality away without letting us know and now what am I suppose to do... Yes, I think I probably could rewrite your code, but I really think I shouldn't have to.

                      Thanks for listening
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                        Just to add a bit more to the conversation since I am really pushing for this functionality to be restored by a toggle. Currently in version 4.1.11 the CMS works the way we want it to work. The like buttons appear and the users are very happy in using them. It displays on our Facebook site with the correct article name and refers to our private site in which they must log-in. Once they have logged in they can click on any of the Facebook posted articles and read them from the board. I would think most private board would want this.

                        I do know there was a problem in which the Facebook code would be called in an endless loop. I was able to fix that pretty easily and maybe you have also in 4.1.11. Even if that bug still exists I would still want this option back.

                        Unfortunately, I cannot post examples to the board since we do not want the site posted public on here. But if you saw what was posted you would understand the power of this feature to us private boards.

                        Today, unfortunately our users check the Facebook community before they log-in to the board. That is just the way it is and we don't fight it. Ad revenue, gaining additional users and all that other stuff do not apply.



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                          You could easily edit the templates, or override the check with a plugin.


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                            Thanks zachery, I tried that awhile ago, but with no success... I just recently found it was reversal of functionality and not some weird JavaScript interference on my part so I will have another look at it later.

                            It is not that I cannot fix the problem... I do not want to see the functionality of Facebook dismissed for private boards and we purchased this product because of that functionality. There is thinking out there that dismisses functionality for private boards. I ran into the same problem with anther photo-product company. Their product did not work correctly with private boards, but when I purchased it they said it would work perfect for me. I finally had to rewrite the flash uploader myself since they could not figure out their own permission problems. I will no longer send them anymore money. If a feature is advertised as a selling point it should perform as advertised and not be removed because your company cannot get it to work. Lets face it, it was removed as a quick fix! It is totally understandable if Facebook changed the interface and the product doesn't work anymore, but then you better drop the advertisement of the feature and most importantly inform your licensed users. In this case it was not Facebook.

                            My main point was the loss in time and functionality we had because we were not notified of such a major functionality reversal. I am hoping vbulletin learns from this and reports such reversals in the future. We are still running an older version of vbulletin and this does not please me. Your company is working hard on vbulletin, I can see that, but I am a professional and I purchased this professional software to save time, I do not expect to rewrite the code every time a company cannot get their features to work. It is not a bug that needs fixing you removed the feature!

                            Sorry to be making such a fuss, I just really want the management, software engineers to understand my point as a purchaser and another business that relies on your software. Enough complaining by me: Posted in Jira on (04-04-2012), to return this functionality

                            What version did vbulletin reverse this functionality? This might help me in reversing the code for the time being until you put the functionality back.

                            PS: I do not hate the product, just the way this was handled. You guys are working hard on vbulletin, I can see that. We love the ckeditor addition, it needs work, but still great!

                            Thanks for listening again ...
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                              It was reported as a bug, and thus fixed. You may not agree with it, but the software is developed with protecting privacy in mind, which I think you can understand is expectable.


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