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ًWhat is the recomended server requirments for 4.2.2 suite?

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  • SilverBoy
    Thank you Wayne for your fast response, but the skipping errors not solve the problems in the software it self as I think.

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  • Wayne Luke
    PHP 5.3.27.

    Or add the Skip Error line in the 4.2.2 announcement to your config.php file. This will stop the errors from your addons and modifications under 4.2.2.

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  • ًWhat is the recomended server requirments for 4.2.2 suite?


    I was working smoothly for a long time on version 4.2.1 suite, but for some technical reasons we moved to another server, after that I notices some features stop working (like editing articles which was written by Arabic language) and many of warning messages !!

    I tried to update my test site to 4.2.2 but there is some errors appears but my main problem for me with 4.2.2. version is the compatibility with a lot of third party products as I read in

    My current server software specifications are:
    Server Type Linux
    Web Server Apache v2.2.26
    PHP 5.4.23
    MySQL Version 5.5.34-cll
    So, what is the recommended versions of PHP and MySQL to return my site work smoothly and without rerros on both of 4.2.2 and 4.2.1 suite.


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