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Can't figure out how to upgrade my 4.2 system to 5.0.3

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  • Can't figure out how to upgrade my 4.2 system to 5.0.3

    I am feeling pretty dumb at the moment and just can't figure out what I actually have to do. I am upgrading from PHPBB 3.0.9 to vBulletin 5. I first installed a 4.1 instance of VB and ran the ImpEx tool to upgrade the forum data to VB4. That went pretty smooth. I then upgraded my 4.1 system to 4.2.

    So, now I have a 4.2 system. I then uploaded the files to a seperate directory for VB5 and ran the core/install/upgrade.php script. It seemed to just do a clean install of the system, and I am not sure how to tell it that I am trying to upgrade from VB4.

    Currently I have set up 3 different databases, one for my PHPBB3 data, one for the VB4 data and one for the VB5 data. I pointed the VB5 install to the VB5 database. Should I instead point it to the VB4 database? I also have two different directories on my server, one for vb4 and one for vb5, so those files are in separate directories. I just feel like I am missing some important part, but am not seeing posts out there, so I assume its something blatant I just am missing.

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    Im not sure why you would want Vb5 anyways, it lacks many features, has bugs, hardly any hacks/addons designed for it.

    You need to change your vb 5 config.php file to point to your vb 4 db, then run the upgrade script.
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      We are moving off PHPBB3 and we didn't have much in the way of mods/hacks on that anyway, so we are going to VB5 for the features it plans on having. I am just doing a test of the upgrade now though, and not sure when we would go live yet, so those bugs have the potential to be fixed, the features added, and addons developed.

      Also, thanks snakes1100, that worked perfectly and its now upgrading.
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