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error while running upgrade script to 4.1.7 Beta 1

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  • [Suite] error while running upgrade script to 4.1.7 Beta 1

    We have received an error message while upgrading from 4.0.2 to 4.1.7 Beta 1. "An error has occured with your database. Please contact vBulletin Support for assistance. Module: 408, Step 15 Database Error:1053... Server shutdown in progress. Query: DELETE searchcore_text.... FROM searchcore_text... LEFT JOIN searchcore ON (searchcore.searchcoreid = searchcore_text.searchcoreid)....WHERE searchcore.searchcoreid IS NULL

    a screenshot of the error we are getting:

    we are also getting database errors forumwide.... "Unknown column 'apiclientid' in 'field list'"

    should we attempt to repair & optimize searchcore_text table? should we upload and install 4.1.6 instead of the beta? any suggestions and how to proceed with the installation?

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    you would be best to use 4.1.6 and dont use the beta until 4.1.7 comes out with all fixes


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      problem fixed. decided to upgrade to 4.1.6, the stable version. reuploaded & ran upgrade script. no probs.


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        The error had nothing to do with vb - if you look at it "Server shutdown in progress". Your host shut down mysql while you were upgrading.
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